Re-charged in the Rockies

Along with our wives, Gerry James and I spent three days, between October 15 and 18, as presenters at a Senior’s Getaway at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. The location on a pristine lake in the mountains is stunning and the Lodge one of those iconic places that borders on being a sacred site for both its history and setting. Memories reinforce this impression. Photos of Marilyn Munroe and Bing Crosby, frequent visitors to the Lodge, greet you at one of the entrances to the main building. We gave two sessions in which we discussed writing the biography and Gerry’s record-breaking career in the CFL and NHL. Both sessions were attended by between 30 and 40 people. What wonderful audiences they were! The staff at the Lodge were amazing, always gracious and cheerful. Undoubtedly they made the three-day event a joy for everyone. Our gratitude to guests and staff alike for a memorable experience.

2 thoughts on “Re-charged in the Rockies”

  1. Hello Ron, enjoyed meeting you and Gerry at Jasper in October 2012. You’re a wonderful writer and Gerry a plethora of life experiences to draw from. I read that book in no time at all. Gerry lived a remarkable life and you conveyed it so well. It was important to me to meet this fellow who broke my brother’s nose and instantly became notorious in my family for so many years. I’m glad I did. Gerry is a character and his wife a lovely lady. It was my pleasure to have a few conversations with them and I took away a different view of this incredible athlete. A forever fan, Chrissie a.k.a. Dave King’s sister!

    1. hi chrissie, good to hear from you. i’m delighted to hear that you enjoyed the book. gerry, marg, pat and i had a great time. gerry told his story about dave with great relish which i soon learned was a sign of how much he liked and respected a person. dave was definitely one of his favorite people. cheers and thanks for the note, ron

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