The Defiant Mind: Living Inside a Stroke

Happy to announce that the book was released in August 2016 by Ronsdale Press.

Since then, we have held launches in Parksville at the Mulberry Bush Bookstore and in Vancouver at the Dunbar Community Centre.

Ron was interviewed by the World Stroke Organization and featured on their blog and at their conference in Hyderabad, India.

Happy to report that the book has appeared three times on the BC Bestsellers list.

He recently gave a reading at the Gibsons Public Library in Gibsons, BC.

Ron also participated in the Stroke Services BC Stoke Collaborative and gave two readings to stroke therapists and doctors. He also did an interview with the Stroke Recovery Association of British Columbia.

Reviews and Interviews:

Read a CBC News article about the book here

Listen to a CBC Radio Northwest by Northwest interview here

and a CBC Radio ‘On the Island’ interview here

Vancouver Sun review (appearing also online at Montreal GazetteEdmonton Journal, and other Postmedia publications)

BC Booklook Review and interview 

BC Bookworld review



One thought on “The Defiant Mind: Living Inside a Stroke”

  1. Hi Ron:
    Seems absurd to relate but I too guffaw at some of the odd ‘stroke’ perceptions I hear of. I’m allowed to ‘guffaw’, for like yourself – God bless you – I come by my exuberance honestly. Well, sort of honestly. Mine was just a little one. They called it a ‘massive’ stroke but I happen to think of it as just a little one. No pain. No tears. Almost divine good humour pervading my comfortable little cocoon and from my perspective that morning, just some annoyance at my curiously disobedient fingers.

    They turfed me out about a month ago but not without some difficulty. I felt unready for it but now concur. Worshipped the nursing staff. Hated the seeming incarceration.
    Read your book in dollops and could not stop. (Where on earth did your “dollops” come from…….. I’m intrigued?)
    My Pat is Fay and has been so for well over fifty years (if you count our courting years). My name is John but like your Jack (bird) prefer the familiar which is JT.
    We live above you , (geographically), in sunny Rough Bay, Sointula and
    run a small machine shop here servicing the fishing fleet and loggers.
    Thank you for the great read.

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