Rainshadow: Stories From Vancouver Island

Rainshadow: Stories from Vancouver Island by BC Author Ron Smith

1982 (Sono Nis)
ISBN-10: 0889820392
ISBN-13: 978-0889820395

An anthology of stories by fifteen Vancouver Island writers.


“Rainshadow, edited by Ron Smith and Stephen Guppy, is the most entertaining collection of short fiction I’ve read all year. Also it’s pretty. Naw, c’mon, it’s a magnificent piece of book production. Dedicated to the Canada Council to commemorate its twenty-fifth anniversary. Well done.

And Rainshadow most certainly is not great Canadian Literature only for great Canadians. Especially for those who live on Vancouver Island. And more especially for those who live on Vancouver Island in the propinquity of Nanaimo. I poured 750 ml of ice-cold diet pepsi into the gaunchies of someone who suggested the above premises just the other day in Toronto.

Leon Rooke’s “Sing Me No Love Songs I’ll Say You No Prayers” proves my point. It
is the inch square which fans out into infinity. It does here in Rainshadow and would
elsewhere in any language. Congratulations to contributors, editors, publishers, printer
and to Council for surviving a quarter of a century.”

–J. Michael Yates


“Rainshadow: Stories from Vancouver Island is an attractive anthology celebrating 15 of the finest short story writers in Canada.

By some fluke of cosmology, they all live on Vancouver Island, off the B.C. coast. A rainshadow is a warm dry zone on the lee side of the coast mountains, and whether this causes negative ions or creates an intense daring energy is hard to tell. But his collection of stories from Canada’s west coast is fresh and often daring.”

–Geoff Hancock, The Windsor Star, June 11, 1983


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