BC author Ron Smith

Ron Smith is the BC author of four collections of poetry, a book of short stories, a play, a kid’s book and many more. His poetry has been translated and published in Italy. Kid Dynamite: The Gerry James Story is a moving sports biography of the amazing athlete Gerry James. Elf the Eagle is his first book for children. Ron taught English and Creative Writing at Vancouver Island University (formerly Malaspina University-College) for 28 years, is the founder of Oolichan Books, and has edited and published over 300 books. He holds degrees from UBC and the University of Leeds, and was recently the first Fulbright Chair in Creative Writing at Arizona State University. He lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada with his wife, Pat, who is also a writer.

A selection of Ron’s Books:

Kid Dynamite: The Gerry James Story (Oolichan, 2011).
Elf the Eagle (Oolichan, 2007). Illustrated by Ruth Campbell.
Arabesque e altre poesie (Schifanoia Editore, Italy, 2002)
What Men Know About Women (Oolichan, 1999)
The Last Time We Talked (Reference West, 1996)
Enchantment & Other Demons (Oolichan, 1995)
A Buddha Named Baudelaire (Sono Nis, 1988)
Collected Poems of Ralph Gustafson, Vol 1 & 2, editor (Sono Nis, 1982)
Seasonal (Sono Nis, 1984)
Rainshadow: Stories from Vancouver Island (Oolichan/Sono Nis, 1982)


Ron Smith is a BC writer of poetry, children’s books, fiction, non fiction and drama. Author of NHL and CFL biography Kid Dynamite: The Gerry James Story and the children’s book Elf the Eagle, he lives near Nanoose Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

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